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The all-volunteer army of citizens that serve on our 17 standing committees are the life blood of the AHF. Villagers are encouraged to serve on one or more committees at some point. There is no better way to meet your neighbors, serve your community, and join in the fellowship that makes Melbourne Village such a unique place to live.  Find out more about a committee that interests you and join today.  

The AHF  by-laws specifically establish the responsibilities of each committee. Each committee submits a written monthly report to the Board of Trustees and an annual summary report to the membership which is posted at the annual meeting.

ANNUAL MEETING COMMITTEE is responsible for the preparation and programming of the Annual Meeting and any special meetings of the membership, including the Agenda, Mailing, Meeting Arrangements, Resolutions and Annual Dinner. The Annual Dinner is a catered affair held the day after the Annual Meeting. The themed dinner also includes entertainment. 

BUDGET AND FINANCE COMMITTEE meets monthly and reviews the financial statements prepared by the bookkeeper.  It insures that all expenditures comply with the by-laws and the budget. It prepares a budget which, after public review, is submitted to the Board of Trustees for adoption. It names the annual auditing committee.

BUILDING & GROUNDS COMMITTEE is responsible for the care, maintenance and beautification of the AHF village hall and surrounding property. The committee makes minor repairs. It contracts major repairs with the approval of the Board of Trustees such as air conditioning and roof. It also contracts for pest control. It works with the AHF Maintenance Technician for routine upkeep and cleaning. The parking lot and landscaping surrounding the building are the responsibility of the committee.

HOUSE COMMITTEE is charged with the interior of the AHF village hall in respect to supplies and kitchen readiness for the next event or hall rental.

CODIFICATION COMMITTEE is a committee of one which works with the executive secretary to ensure that all policy motions and directives of the Board of Trustees and membership meetings are properly indexed to form the continuing policy of the organization.

CREDENTIALS  COMMITTEE determines the eligibility of those voting at membership meetings and mail ballots.

TELLERS COMMITTEE is responsible for the tally of any voting ballots.

EDUCATION COMMITTEE puts on a week long half day summer camp for village youngsters. It also makes a recommendation to the Trustees for the Ruth B. Hayes scholarship award.  The committee is empowered to sponsor other educational programs for the membership.

SWIMMING POOL COMMITTEE is responsible for the safe operation, maintenance, rules, and repairs of the pool and associated facilities. The committee is assisted during the week by the AHF Maintenance Technician.

INFORMATION COMMITTEE is charged with keeping the members informed about the events and news of the AHF. This accomplished by the quarterly publication of a newsletter The Villager which is mailed to all members. The committee maintains the outdoor bulletin board on Dayton Blvd for current announcements. The committee publishes a monthly eVillager via email containing a calendar of upcoming meetings and events plus important announcements. The committee maintains this web site. There is also a AHF/Melbourne Village facebook page.

DEERHEAD HAMMOCK COMMITTEE  is entrusted with the care and preservation of the area first known as the ‘little hammock.’ It is the site for the Easter sunrise service and from time to time other gatherings such as weddings and memorial services. The committee meets monthly to pick up debris, remove invasive plants, and maintain the signage.

ERNA NIXON HAMMOCK COMMITTEE is entrusted with the care and preservation of the portion of the Erna Nixon Hammock in Melbourne Village. The committee meets monthly to keep the trails open, remove invasive plants, look after the signage, and generally address  the needs of the park.

MEMORY GARDEN COMMITTEE meets monthly to water, weed, mulch and tend the quasi-formal garden located near the Village Hall. The committee accepts monetary memorials which are used to add new plantings and enhance the appearance of the garden.

PARKS AND PATHS COMMITTEE meets weekly to maintain all the AHF park lands not covered by other committees. Tasks include clearing and trimming the paths and trails, removing invasive plants, selective mowing, and maintaining bridges and signs.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE reviews new membership applications and interviews the prospective new members. In reality, its function is to welcome new members and introduce them to village life and their new neighbors. 

RECREATION COMMITTEE is a busy group that plans and carries out  events and activities for all village  age groups. Some recent events included an  Easter egg hunt,  forth of July parade, game nights, movie nights, Halloween party,  Christmas dinner with Santa visit, flea market and holiday craft fair.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE has the responsibility of getting volunteers for each of the standing committees. These are submitted to the membership for acceptance at the annual meeting. The committee also nominates five members to fill the three Board of Trustee positions which come up for election each year.



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