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AHF Parks

ERNA NIXON PARK is the gem of our parklands. It was first called the ‘Big Hammock’ It is now named for early resident Erna Nixon who led visitors along the trails, identified the plants and creatures great and small and educated visitors as to the nature and ecology of hardwood hammocks. You can learn more about Erna Nixon in the history section of this website.  A larger portion of the hammock is outside of Melbourne Village and is managed as a Brevard County Park. Access is from Evans Road. The AHF Melbourne Village part is managed by the AHF Erna Nixon Hammock Committee. There are five access points in the village. This committee also manages a small undeveloped park known as Sable Park.


AZALEA PARK is named for the spectacular spring display of azalea blossoms by the path entrance at the corner of S. Wildwood Lane and Crane Road. Other entrances to this meandering footpath are located on Acacia Avenue, Live Oak Avenue, and Platt Circle.

FICK FOREST is named for Captain and Kate Fick. These early residents of Melbourne Village had a home on Savannah Drive, just west of the park entrance. Captain Fick served the AHF as President of the Board of Trustees and was in charge of the bulletin board for many years. This pinewoods, which extends from Dayton Boulevard to Savannah Drive, is a good place to see nesting woodpeckers and a variety of native ferns.

LAKE ARTHUR TIPPIE PARK also honors an early President of the AHF Board. This large park features a man-made lake and stream known as Forrest Fuller Stream and Bridge honoring a long-time resident who lived adjacent to the Park and became its "resident supervisor". The lake was created to provide fill for the first roads in the village. A member of the Parks and Paths Committee is responsible for regulating and adjusting the water flow. Anglers must follow the fishing regulations of the Florida Game and Freshwater Fish Commission.  Paths from Hammock Road, Norman Drive, West Pine Road and South Drive wind through pinewoods and open meadow to the lake shores. Look for orchids in the pinewoods. The east end of the park has been named Charles Griffth Park to honor member Chuck Griffth who spend endless hours working in the park.

MARTIN WOODS was a favorite spot for Gertrude Martin when she lived on Sheridan Road. She was the first woman to be President of the AHF Board of Trustees. This area of open hardwood forest and pinewoods is a good place for birding. Tarflowers bloom in the pinelands in summer. You may enter from Sheridan Road, Norman Drive or follow the path from the Deerhead Hammock.

NUTTING-WOOD GREEN, one of the largest parks, honors Elizabeth Nutting and Virginia Wood, two of the founders of Melbourne Village. Adjacent to the Village Hall on Hammock Road, this large meadow was once a shallow intermittent grassy pond. It is available for a number of recreational uses. A basketball court and ball field are located near the green. Spring wildflowers bloom in the meadow. The children’s playground is maintained by the Town.


DEERHEAD HAMMOCK MEMORIAL PARK is a place for quiet contemplation. Enter from Hammock Road and feel the coolness. On early maps it was called the ‘Little Hammock.’ You are invited to sit on the benches and think about the early settlers who gave the area its name. Look for the deer head tree. This park may be used for weddings, religious and memorial services. Arrangements should be made with the Deerhead Hammock Memorial Committee.


OLD HALL PARK was the site of the original Village Hall. The Community Swimming Pool is located in this park. A footpath leads from Hall Road to Savannah Drive and joins the path through Fick Forest.

WARD PARK is named for Phillip Ward who served as President of the AHF Board. Here on the corner of Ward Parkway and Blue Jay Lane you can watch the growth of a native pinewoods. Trees may be observed in all stages of growth from seedling to mature pine tree.

WILDFLOWER MEADOW was filled with Catesby's lily and other wildflowers when this park was named.

SABAL PARK is named for Florida's state tree, the sabal palm. It is also called cabbage palm because the bud of the tree was eaten by early settlers and called swamp cabbage. This park is one place the gopher tortoise makes his burrow. There are no trails in this park.

MEL MANTHEY PARK , named for village painter and author, ,adjoins the AHF Village Hall. In the early sprint the azaleas bloom profusely. The Buildings and Grounds Committee maintains this park area..

JEAN HENDERSON TWIN OAKS PARK  is located near the Hammock Road entrance to Deerhead Hammock Park. It is named for village volunteer extraordinaire Jean Henderson.

MEMORIAL GARDEN is a more formal garden area located to the north of the AHF Hall parking lot. There is a special committee of the same name  maintains the area. The committee accepts monetary donations and will select and look after plantings as memorials to former AHF members and others.

DAYTON-OAK PARK has a bench where you may rest in the shade of a majestic live oak tree at the corner of Dayton Boulevard and Ward Parkway. This park is owned and maintained by the Town.

Parks & Paths Committee

The AHF owns and maintains more than 50 acres of parkland with the help of a dedicated crew of 10-15 volunteers who clear paths and remove invasive plant species at a different park location each Friday morning from 8 - 10 AM from September through June.  

If you would like to serve the community in this way please let us know! Call or email the AHF Office today to join the Parks & Paths Committee.  ‭(321) 723-6042‬ or AHFMV@cfl.rr.com.